• Custom Sheepskin Jackets From Jakewood

    Posted by Jake Jake

    Are you looking for a great custom sheepskin jacket or custom shearling coat? Then look no further than Jakewood Leather and Exotic Skin Apparel.

    While some customers choose Jakewood for our wide selection of leather jackets and exotic animal skin apparel, we are also your number one designer of sheepskin jackets and custom shearling coats.

    Sheepskin differs from leather because sheepskin is tanned in conjunction with the actual wool itself, giving the material a comfortable and soft feel that is both light in weight and durable. Sheepskin material also adjusts well to varying body temperatures while providing a quality, luxurious appearance in any environment.

    Sheepskin and shearling jackets come in a variety of styles and endless customizations. Shearling jackets are very casual and can be worn for any occasion from regal galas to family gatherings. Heads are sure to turn as guests notice the lightweight style and flair of a slim, sleek shearling coat.

    Shearling coats are kept lightweight for easy wearability and as to not be too bulky, like other modern coats and jackets. They perfectly blend that aforementioned style with a comfort that is simply unmatched.

    Shearling coats also come in a variety of colors. For example, you could go for a classic winter sportsman look and get a brown dyed leather exterior with a white wool trim or try a rustic red dyed shearling coat with flannel pattern and wool trim. The sky is the limit on options and no custom design is too outlandish or out of our designer's range.

    Another big positive when choosing to have a custom sheepskin jacket or custom shearling coat created is that sheepskin and shearling attire is naturally water resistant. The wool fibers do not let water penetrate the core material. While the core material itself is able to soak up moisture up to a full thirty percent its own weight without getting damp. Custom shearling coats can also repel rainwater and absorb moisture from external water exposure. After the water or snow is absorbed, a shearling coat or jacket can be lightly shaken and cleaned in quick fashion, unlike other materials where water would otherwise linger and cause damage or mold over time.

    Due to those moisture absorbing properties, a custom sheepskin or custom shearling coat is perfect for moderate weather as well as extreme weather. Sheepskin material is very adaptable to temperature and can keep you well insulated in cold weather while keeping you dry and cool in the spring and summer.

    Now that you know the vast benefits of a custom sheepskin jacket, you can make an appointment to visit our showroom and workshop in Brooklyn, NY and let one of our expert designers take your measurements in-person. We also allow our customers to ship us a favorite jacket of theirs from anywhere in the United States. We can then use that as an existing template to make sure the fit of your custom shearling jacket lines up perfectly with your existing wardrobe.

    Our custom sheepskin jackets and custom shearling coats are hand-made at our Brooklyn, NY location and crafted by our designers with authentic genuine materials. With a limitless number of options and customizations, you are sure to find the right jacket or coat for your needs with us.