• Jakewood Now Offers Custom Leather Varsity Jackets

    Posted by Jake Jake

    Custom Varsity Jackets have become a pretty big trend in pop culture as of late. But this trend is nothing new. Outerwear such as baseball and varsity jackets have always been a certain type of symbol. One of sportiness and sophistication. While the baseball jacket is more likely to evoke a more common-man aesthetic of blue-collar workers heading off to catch a game on a Saturday afternoon, the varsity jacket reads as more sophisticated.

    A Varsity jacket evokes images of college students and big men on campus. It provides a certain touch of assertiveness to an ensemble. When you are wearing a varsity jacket, you feel like a big deal; like you could lead a group of friends on a night out or be the one in charge of confidently making important plans for a date.

    Much like baseball jackets, the varsity jacket got it's start at Harvard University in the mid 19th century. Students would take "H" insignia and sew it on to traditional letterman jackets. Teams would be full of players wearing these outfits. But only those who were captains or star players would get to continue wearing them when not in-season. This is how the varsity jacket initially gained its prestige. Only a select few were allowed to be seen wearing a varsity jacket and if you were one of those people, you knew you had arrived at the upper levels of the local social hierarchy.

    By the time that the 1980s and 1990s rolled around, varsity jackets had been co-opted by the big leagues and sports teams of all stripes and colors were adopting fan-wear that would mimic and capitalize on the sporty style and high class of those early university outfits. The stars of those teams became pop culture icons in their own right and, so to, did the varsity jacket.

    Nowadays, anyone can buy a varsity jacket and call it their own. But that's kind-of like saying anyone can go cook a meal or play football. Sure, everyone can. But how many can do it well? How many people can wear a varsity jacket that draws the eye to them and makes them the center of attention or gets people to take notice of their style?

    Jakewood Custom Leather & Exotic Apparel has you covered, because we have an infinite amount of options for your custom varsity jacket so that you can wear a style that not only fits you, not only looks sharp but compliments your existing style and wardrobe so that you can really feel like your varsity jacket is a part of you. An extension of your personality, instead of just another jacket.

    We have a wide range of dyes and leather material to create your custom varsity jacket with. Go for a classic black leather sleeve look, a more rugged all-over dyed brown leather jacket, or even something more thrilling like snake or gator skin?

    All of our leather and fabric materials are handled by our very own tailors and seamstresses. Our leather specialists work in-house in conjunction with our designers and have years of experience working with leather and exotic materials. The designers and tailors work together to make sure that we maintain a single cohesive oversight of your custom leather varsity jacket.

    After all the work is completed and the custom varsity jacket is done, we have a thorough quality assurance process in place to make sure that there are zero errors or omissions. From there, we ship it out to you from our Brooklyn, NY location to anywhere in the United States.

    So visit our custom orders page and let us help you create a custom varsity jacket today.