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Custom Leather Jackets From Jakewood

There are many things to look out for when purchasing a custom leather jacket. Some of these are related to keeping wary of the cosmetic condition of the jacket itself, while others are tips for getting the most style and flair for your money. With that, here are seven tips for purchasing a custom leather jacket:

1. Checking Your Jacket For Quality

Many people will simply take one look at their leather jacket of choice, see that the body of it seems fine, and call it a day. But you really need to pay attention to the finer details like zippers, linings, and stitchings. If the stitching is not smooth, the jacket will feel cheaper and have a coarse feeling to it. If the jacket has only a single lining instead of a double, that can also be a good indicator of sub-par quality. Lastly, if items like zippers and larger buttons and studs are made from a cheaper material or you can tell they are from a low-quality brand, that is a good reason to question the quality of the jacket. It is a sign that the people making the jacket might have been looking to cut corners and not put the top of the line resources onto a cheaper jacket.

2. Dress for Success

There are a wide range of leather jacket types out there, but you should definitely be leaning towards certain styles when thinking about which types of situations you will most commonly find yourself in. For example, fencing and avant-garde style jackets are great for more casual wear and events where you want to go a little off the beaten path by showcasing your creativity. Bomber style leather jackets are a perfect blend of casual and formal for most serious occasions and modern workplaces.

3. Fit Like a Glove

When picking out a leather jacket, you always want to make sure that it fits well. That is it isn't too tight or too loose. A good way to measure this is by basing your preferred jacket specifications off an existing jacket that you wear all of the time so that you know exactly what fits comfortably on you. Jakewood allows and encourages you to send your favorite jacket into our shop, so we can measure it and make your new jacket fit exactly the same as the one you already know and love.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Try Before You Buy

Sometimes people buy clothing at face value or snatch it up very quickly so that they don't come off as too snobbish. You should always remember to never take your money or time for granted. Do not be afraid to feel and try on the jacket. Yes, it may sound silly and obvious. But you would be surprised how many people can be bashful right at the point of sale. We accept appointments at our Brooklyn, New York location where you can choose and feel your own fabrics/skins.

5. Versatility in Color

If you are looking for an everyday kind of jacket, you would be best to go with a standard black or brown leather. Stay away from colored leathers unless you are trying to be bold and make a statement with your jacket. You can wear a nice, classic black leather jacket every day of the week. But wear a red leather jacket and it stands out more. People might start to wonder why you are wearing the same bold colored jacket every day.

But, of course, these tips are all subjective. There are truly no wrong answers to how you go about selecting your next leather jacket. But Jakewood Exotic Leather & Apparel are here to help you by providing the largest selection of customizable options for your leather jacket to ensure it is up to your own style and standards. So contact us today and let us help you with your custom leather jacket needs.