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Custom Leather Biker Jacket

There are many reasons why you should wear a Custom Leather Biker Jacket. Most of those reasons don't even require you to be a biker. Like a lot of the custom leather and fur clothing Jakewood Leather & Exotic Skin Apparel offers, the joy of this kind of attire is all in the style, durability, and comfort.

First, there is the style that a Custom Leather Biker jacket affords. A sharp leather biker jacket is something that has been in style since the 1950s up through to the modern day; changing and evolving throughout representations in popular culture and being reimagined at every stage from the Greaser movies of the 50s and 60s to the seedy New York City street films of the 70s and all the way up to modern films that choose to use leather biker outfits to add a unique style to their wardrobe. Biker jackets are a solid mix of traditional leather jackets and more flamboyant touches like metal studs, spikes, and buckles.

We allow you to design your own custom leather biker jacket with a limitless amount of detail that truly allows your personality to shine and your imagination to run wild. We only work with industry-standard leather materials like sheepskin & lambskin, as well as more rare and exotic material such as python and alligator. Choose from our seemingly endless range of colors and dyes. Perfect for any personality or style. We offer complete customization on pocket types, zippers, fabric patches, collar types, and other accessories. Absolutely nothing is too demanding or taxing for us. We are here to serve you and your custom leather biker jacket needs.

The hallmark of a great leather biker jacket is of a jacket that provides a certain level of assertiveness and confidence. The modern leather biker jacket is great for all genders. In the past, one might have made the case that the leather biker jacket was too masculine. That the dominant motif has been the rough and tumble male archetype. But as times have changed, so to has the perception of the leather biker jacket and today, more than ever, it is the perfect look for men looking to compliment an assertive look just as much as it is for women, or anyone, looking to add a sharp or sleek layer of classic cool to their attire.

Leather biker jackets are also extremely durable. So on top of looking stylish, you will be able to keep that look for years to come. Even so far as being able to pass your custom leather biker jacket down to family members. Leather, as a material, also does not retain heat and can be designed and crafted to have a light fit that is perfect for spring and summer. But also just as perfect for fall weather, as leather is also a great insulator.

So with a durable style that is as timeless as it is modern, it is time to think about getting yourself a Custom Leather Biker Jacket today.

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