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Custom Leather Pants from Jakewood

Have you been searching for a great pair of custom leather pants? Have you tried online retailers that have had decent selections, but no custom options? We know that when it comes to leather pants, the options on offer in the current marketplace can be pretty slim at times. Which is why we pride ourselves on providing custom leather pants to fit any need and style. Jakewood Leather & Exotic Skin Apparel has all of your leather needs covered.

We allow you to design your own custom leather pants with an amount of detail that truly allows your personality to shine and your imagination to run wild. We offer all industry-standard leather material such as sheepskin & lambskin, as well as more rare and exotic material such as python and alligator. Choose from our seemingly limitless range of colors and dyes. Perfect for any style or motif. Choose your fully customizable pocket types, zippers, fabric patches, collar type, and more. Literally nothing is too demanding or taxing for us. We are here to serve you and your custom leather pants needs.

Our custom leather pants process begins at the source with your measurements. We provide several options for making sure the fit of your custom leather pants is just right. You can make an appointment to visit our showroom and workshop in Brooklyn, NY and let one of our expert designers take your measurements in-person. But we also allow our customers to ship us a favorite pair of their pants from anywhere in the United States. We can then use that as an existing template to make sure the fit of your custom leather pants lines up perfectly with your existing wardrobe.

Our custom leather pants are hand-crafted and sewn together at our Brooklyn, NY location and expertly put together by our designers with authentic genuine leather materials. We only use real leather as well as only the finest exotic skins and luscious furs. Our leather skins are dyed on-site by our designer and the colors are always correct down to the exact shade requested by our customers. All of our materials are locally-sourced by our New York supplier and we order all of the correct zippers, labels, and various lining required for your custom leather pants. All materials are guaranteed to be delivered to us same-day.

We have access to local craftsmen who cut all of our fabric and materials in-house. Then, the materials are handed to our tailors and seamstresses. Our leather specialists work in-house in conjunction with our designers and have years of experience working with various rare and difficult materials like leather and fur. The designers and tailors work together to make sure that we maintain a single cohesive oversight of your custom leather pants.

After all the work is completed and the custom leather pants are done, we have a thorough quality assurance process in place to make sure that there are zero errors or omissions on your pants. From there, we ship it out to you from our Brooklyn, NY location to anywhere in the United States.

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