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Custom Leather Jacket With Fur Trim

There are many different reasons to wear your own custom leather jacket with fur. With Jakewood Leather and Exotic Skin Apparel, we've got a wide range of customizable options and choices for leather jackets with fur trim and lining, including fox, coyote, raccoon, chinchilla, and rabbit.

One of the main reasons for wearing exotic fur trim or lining with your custom leather jacket is that it is more practical than most people think. Many people have the idea that if something looks too good to be true, than it must not be. That if a leather jacket with fur trim looks stylish, it must be sacrificing in other areas like practicality or insulation. When in fact, this is the opposite.

Our leather is sourced from the finest sheepskin and lambskin as well as more exotic fare such as alligator and python, our fur from animals such as chinchilla and coyote. It is guaranteed to last for many years and withstand the rigors of day to day usage and the outdoor and weather elements, while keeping in body heat, without absorbing it into the material. This makes a nice leather and fur jacket perfect for cold weather, allowing you to keep warm, while also making a nice trim leather and fur jacket equally as perfect for warmer weather, with its ability to keep heat out.

While some people may want to go right to faux furs when thinking about durability, this is actually a fallacy. many faux furs, with their synthetic materials and chemicals, do not last nearly as long as real furs and wear out much faster. Meanwhile, the genuine articles get passed down between family members generation to generation all the time.

Another fallacy is the idea that real fur absorbs moisture. This is actually true of fake furs, where the material can weaken quicker, but real furs are actually able to shake off water and dry much quicker because of their finer, natural material. Mixing the thin, natural material of fur with the durability of leather is a winning combination for any situation.

The other huge benefit is style. We've already discussed how durable real fur and leather can be, so there is no need to sacrifice style over substance. With Jakewood, you can customize your leather jacket with fur any way you want to. You can pick from our seemingly endless range of color and dye options for your leather, as well as type of exotic fur trim. Perfect for fully customizable pockets, fur patches, collar types, and more. Nothing is too demanding or taxing for us. We are here to serve you and your custom leather and fur coat needs.

We know that working with furs of all kinds should be an exacting, careful process, which is why we have access to local craftsmen who cut all of our fabric and materials in-house. Then, the materials are handed to our tailors and seamstresses. Our leather and fur specialists work hand-in-hand with our designers and have years of experience working with various rare and difficult materials like leather and fur. The designers and tailors work together to make sure that we maintain a single cohesive oversight of your custom leather and fur jacket.

After your custom leather and fur jacket is completed, we have a thorough quality assurance process in place to make sure that there are no errors or omissions on your custom leather and fur jacket. From there, we ship it out to you from our Brooklyn, NY location to anywhere in the United States.

With leather and fur jackets being perennially in-style and with their durability at a level that you will be passing your custom leather and fur jacket down through future generations, it's time to contact Jakewood today to discuss your next custom leather and fur jacket.

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