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Custom Leather Baseball Jacket From Jakewood

With baseball season now in full swing and breezy, dry days on the horizon, it is the perfect time to purchase a Custom Leather Baseball Jacket.

Baseball jackets have their roots in the early days of Harvard, where the university's baseball team would wear a style of jacket that would, over time, come to be known as, and morph in to, a varsity or letterman jacket. These roots spread and created an aura of sophistication and sportsmanship about this particular style of jacket. Becoming a staple of casual men's dress and the culture itself.

Baseball jackets are also seen as having an inherent status to them. Wearing one, in most instances, denotes inclusion to a club or affiliation with a specific team. By wearing a baseball jacket, you are drawing eyes to your appearance. In some cases, this can simply be seen as a casual sign of camaraderie. But there is no reason why it can not also draw eyes to your presence based on style alone. When you wear a custom leather baseball jacket from Jakewood, you can be sure that you are giving off both an air of casual inclusion as well as a sleek fashion statement that you put pride and care into your appearance and style.

As opposed to the more common nylon baseball jacket, a leather baseball jacket has several distinct advantages. One of the top advantages being durability. Our leather is sourced from the finest sheepskin and lambskin as well as more exotic fare such as alligator and python. It is guaranteed to last for many years and withstand the rigors of day to day usage and the outdoor and weather elements.

Another advantage of wearing a leather baseball jacket is that it is a timeless material. leather never goes out of style. Baseball jackets made of lesser material often age poorly. We all know someone who has been wearing their favorite nylon baseball jacket for the past twenty years and it is never a good look. The material on those jackets wears, the lighter colors fade and stain, and whatever flairs and added style was sewn into the jacket at the time has not held up to current tastes. But look at a person wearing a custom leather jacket and they could walk into a ballpark in any era from the past fifty years and be seen as sharp. That same impressive and sharp dress style will ensure that leather baseball jackets will hold up just as well at any point during the next 50 years.

So with a durable, stylish look that can't be beaten, why not get a custom leather baseball jacket from Jakewood Leather & Exotic Skin Apparel today? We have access to local craftsmen who cut all of our fabric and materials in-house. Then, the materials are handed to our tailors and seamstresses. Our leather specialists work in-house in conjunction with our designers and have years of experience working with leather. The designers and tailors work together to make sure that we maintain a single cohesive oversight of your custom leather baseball jacket.

After all the work is completed and the custom leather jacket is done, we have a thorough quality assurance process in place to make sure that there are zero errors or omissions. From there, we ship it out to you from our Brooklyn, NY location to anywhere in the United States.

So visit our custom orders page today for more info.